Rotopost — Provides easier access to over lane road furniture.

“We can provide project management, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering services for transport, mining and major infrastructure projects. Metal fabrication and CNC machining is also a major service offered for various industries and projects.”

Our product the Roto-post is comprised of a column with a rotating outreach arm.

The rotation mechanism is an integral part of the rotating joint. This mechanism has a ring gear fitted to the outreach arm and a worm drive fitted to the column. Because of the high gear ratio of the drive, the outreach arm will not move from its final position despite high wind forces. However, to prevent any movement within the gear drive mechanism which may cause wear, the outreach arm is securely locked once it is in the final operating position. The lock also acts as a security and safety mechanism. The worm drive may be rotated manually or with the aid of a cordless drill. If required, the rotation mechanism may be fitted with an electric drive motor.

Advantages of the Roto-post system are: 

• Night work is not essential to repair signs on busy roads
• Repairs can be made without lane closures
• Lower repair costs as traffic control crews are not required
• Increased road user safety as equipment is repaired faster
• Reduced need for large cross road gantries.

The concept can be used for traffic signals, ramp metering outreaches, street lighting, auto license plate recognition/red light cameras, dynamic car parking signs, tolling and any other purpose where electronic parts need to be accessed.

Watch the video below to see just how easy the rotopost system is to use.